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Hella Stuff This Weekend

Hella Stuff This Weekend


What’s up folks. Last week I made a slam team for the first week since 2010. A slam team with the unbelievably silly idea of coming to Nationals with only new work that was written over the summer. It’s about as silly of an idea as a poetry competition that’s judged off of points. But I do get to work with four phenomenal poets (Danez Smith, Tatyana Brown, Joshua Merchant, and Jelal) and a…

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Jason Bayani, Pt. 2, #writetoday


(Inspired by Warsan Shire’s poem, Backwards)

What are some of the most significant moments in your life. Good, bad, and all things in between. What are the moments you feel define you? What stands out? What images, symbols, and landmarks do you associate with yourself? Now make a list of what you would change and what you would keep the same, then rewrite the story of your life.